Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Song Of The Day for 2011-03-29

After how things have gone with school this week, it does feel a bit like a fairytale. Straight A's... still? I've never gone this deep into a semester with that kind of performance. Also, super super psyched for the return of Parenthood tonight! Yes, I'm a dork, but am totally OK with that. :D

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rearranging some things & Song Of The Day

For privacy reasons, I had to make some massive changes to the blog, but I think I was able to do so without ruining anything or losing any comments. In the change, I updated some things and created a new Google account email address that people could email me at (iamersht at gmail dot com).

I've got a bit of homework going on, so it might be a few days until my next post. I've got a few things I think I need to say:
  • sleep problems & melatonin (this is a big one for aspies, so it seems)
  • school related stuff (still getting straight A's! so far, semester isn't far away from being over)
  • some recent frustration with a group of friends
I think there is something on that list that's missing that's been running out my head, but must have escaped. It could be that it was replaced with this, which has been in my head since I caught it at the end of a movie while channel surfing this evening:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Questions for Max

If you haven't heard by now, there's a fantastic show on NBC on Tuesday nights (10pm Eastern, 9pm Central) called Parenthood. If you're wondering why the hell a unmarried guy with no kids would be interested in a show like this, two words (well, five, technically): Lauren Graham and Monica Potter. I've had a crush on Lauren Graham for quite some time, probably back to her time on News Radio, if not earlier. Monica Potter is super cute too. Those two actresses certainly drew me in, but the show is a really interesting family drama that seems fairly realistic (as far as I can tell). It's an interesting insight into what parenthood is like, something that I'm not sure is going to happen for me for me or not.

A new non-verbal thing to look for!

So I'm sitting in the coffee shop today (as I usually do after class) and I hear the people at the table near me talking in what sounds very much like English, but sounded nothing like anything I recognized. Words and phrases were being used in odd combinations that I'm not used to hearing. I'm not sure what to call it, other than "business English", an almost incomprehensible way of talking to convey the fact that I'm smarter than you, I guess.

After listening in for a few minutes, I figured out it was some sort of interview for a local media outlet (I think). I feel bad for the poor guy, because one of the two interviewers was and condescending bitch who seemed to be going out of her way to make herself seem superior. That in itself wasnt what was interesting, her body language is what intrigued me.

Song of the day for 2011-03-23

Loaded up a bunch of trancey tracks from the last 2-3 years onto my phone today, and this was one of the first ones to play on shuffle mode. I never put this into a DJ mix, but might have to do so if I ever get around to getting some more tunes and making a mix.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Roadtrip Without A Map (no GPS either...)

Finding this last summer was an "A ha!" moment that clarified some of the confusion I've had, and where it comes from. I always though this was just attention deficit disorder going back over 10 years, but it turn out there's a bit more to it than that.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Failure to... launch?

35, going on 36... but also going on 16. I still feel like a kid more often than not, and I think that's a bit of a problem. I see great things happening for and to people around me, and I know I should be happy for them, but I have been having a tendency to feel like my life is stuck in the mud and I'm not going anywhere. As crappy as that feeling is, it's an upgrade from feeling like I was going in reverse. I guess I'll take that as a win, for now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Changing my own educational paradigm

I found this video recently, and wanted to share it, as it's an incredibly powerful animated video that's taken from the full length talk by Sir Ken Robinson entitled "Changing Education Paradigms". I find it fascinating as it seems to be quite relevant for those of us on the spectrum whose brains don't seem to fit in the mold that traditional education wants to put us in. One of the biggest problems I had in my public school years was the belief that because I wasn't living up to the potential I had, that I was a failure.