Sunday, January 22, 2012

School update

I kinda got lost in the shuffle after the summer session last year, as it was pretty grueling, but I managed to get an A in Trig and an AB in statistics. Little did I know how rough the fall semester would be, attempting to take 15 credits in 4 classes, nor did I realize that the travel between three different campuses was going to make it impossible to do. That led me to having to drop a writing class. Whoops. The good news is that I got an AB in Norwegian (at the University), B in General Chemistry, and an A in psychology.

Long story short, I'm still in good position to be able to transfer from this tech college I am in to the University here. My transfer GPA is good (3.43) and I have a good mix of subjects, so I should stand a pretty good chance of being admitted as a sophomore transfer student. Family history and being an older returning student should help my cause greatly. :D

All I have to do this semester is do well in the 2nd Semester Norwegian class (I can't be admitted until I have 2 semesters of a college level foreign language) and in the writing class I'm in (it's also pretty crucial.) I'm taking Chem 2, but it's not critical how well I do in that class - but I am still pushing myself to do well. :)

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